Hand-poured soy candles

that evoke the ambiance of home;
the magic of traditions;
and the simplicity of joy.

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The crackle of the wood wick is extra special. Gorgeous candle. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for your fall scents. Beautifully done, Astleigh!


AMAZING scents! They are without a doubt my favorite candles! I wait with baited breath all year long to stock up on her Fall and Christmas scents and I have literally never disliked a fragrance from this shop, they are all dreamy! Please don't ever stop making candles, I'll be heartbroken!


Absolutely delightful smell and I love the crackling sound of the wood wick. This is a lovely candle to display as well.


Smells just like you expect fall to smell! Heavenly and rich.


I love the look and feel of this wick trimmer. It’s smooth and sleek and I received it much sooner than I expected. It cut my candles easily so I give it two thumbs up or in this case five stars. 

M. Davis

This candle has a lovely scent and shipped quickly.


The perfect fall candle-- smells amazing and throws far. I could smell it at the top of my stairs while it was burning in the kitchen (a decent distance!).


Amazing scent! Great for fall, but also very crisp and clean. Not too overwhelming.


Meet The New Fragrances

Sprinkled + Tiered

A fancy and festive addition to our Limited Edition Collection is "Sprinkled + Tiered," a birthday cake scented candle. This new candle boasts a stunning blush pink vessel in a matte sheen. It makes the perfect birthday gift to ship to friends and family that aren't local to you!

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La Pâtisserie

To our Signature Collection, we have added "La Pâtisserie." This candle will transport you to a cozy corner in a French bakery. In our matte cream vessel, it's undertated elegance and warm scent are an ideal to any room of your house, but especially the kitchen!

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Timeless Scents for Every Day


"Comforting, sweet and spicy without being overwhelming. It makes me want to curl up with a warm blanket, fire blazing, and a good book!" -Amanda E.

An Accessory For Every Candle

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Crafted With Detail & Care

Our candles are hand-poured
in the mountains of Virginia.
Each candle is expertly crafted
to create a memorable scent
in your home for any occasion.

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Clean Burning

100% natural soy wax paired with
phthalate-free, quality fragrances
for a clean burn with an
exceptional throw.

Candle Facts

Crackling Wood Wicks

With 70-80 hours of burn time,
our eco-friendly wood wicks
crackle as they burn.

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