Candle Facts

Hand-poured in the mountains of Virginia, our candles evoke the ambiance
of home; the magic of traditions; and the simplicity of joy.

A Glance at our Candles

  • Natural soy wax
  • Eco-friendly wooden wicks that crackle while burning
  • Phthalate and paraben free, quality fragrances for a clean burn with an exceptional throw
  • Sustainable/reusable glass vessel 
  • Recyclable packaging
  • 70-80 hours of burn time

Our Process


Every aspect of our candles is designed by The Chandlerie's creator, Astleigh, here in southwest Virginia. From the vessel and labels to the packaging, every aspect is intentionally designed to create an experience.


Each line of candles is carefully curated to offer aromas that will evoke nostalgia or pair special moments with specific scents throughout the year. Our goal at The Chandlerie is to bring you a candle that intertwines seamlessly into the little and big moments of life, sparking feel good memories every time you light the candle. 


After the fragrances have been selected for each line, the pouring begins. Weighed to an exact increment for consistency across every candle, the fragrance oils are added to the melted soy wax. Once a desired temperature is reached, the scented wax is poured into the vessels and the wooden wick is added.

Candle Naming

Every candle is named based on the image that each fragrance brings to mind. From there, the description - found on every product page - is written to tell a story that best encompasses the qualities of the candle's scent. 


For frequently asked questions about our candles, see our FAQs page!